Whatda ya think?

My friend Rachel created my new blog header! Isn’t it awesome! She’s very creative, she is also a pet photographer and has an amazing eye. You can check out her work at fourlegsphotography.com!

Well life has for the most part been uneventful. I am struggling staying motivated, but picked up a few sparks from my long time friend Sam who has been able to make great changes with her life! Keep it up Sam! Jake and I will be attending our good friends wedding this weekend in Pine Bluff. It’ll be my first time to go to Pine Bluff I heard it smells bad because of the paper mill. Which means it smells like Ashdown……..which to me smells like brussel sprouts!

I am also lending a hand to my friend Patrick Wright to help him stuff goodie bags today after work. I believe in karma so when your friends are in need why not help if you can?! Karma is also a reason why I try to participate in surveys, that and I feel like it will end up benefiting more people if the company/product knows what’s wrong or what people are looking for!

I might have some exciting news coming up…..but you’ll have to wait til Halloween to find out. Not too much further!

OH!!! And I would like to wish Dr. Roark a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you’re having the best day ever!


3 Responses to “Whatda ya think?”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m glad you like your new header. Now you need to go into your blog settings and delete the title and phrase under the title. Cal me if you can’t find it. I wanna know the exciting news!

  2. Jamie Says:

    What is the exciting news?! I can’t wait, you have to tell me!

  3. Sherman Hanks Says:

    I`m thankfull to have you for a daughter . Please keep all of your bloging in a file with the Idea of writting a book;; I belive you can do it. Love Dad.

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