Potty training….or not

So most of you who visit my blog know that we have a fairly new member of the family, Plato Phillips, our English bulldog puppy! We just love him, he’s spunky and playful and EXTREMELY cute! However, like most new additions to a family, they come with a lot of work. Work that prior to their arrival you are ALL about. Because in my case, I don’t remember it being that hard with Harli, my first furbaby child. “It” referring to…dunh dunh dunnnnnnnn….potty training. For some reason when I think back to when I was potty training Harli it was a piece of cake! (Yeah, I’m sure it was.) However easy I remember it being it is NOT so easy for me this time around. Plato could care less if he has to sit in his kennel covered in pee until mommy gets home to discover him. I mean I know he’s a baby still, but the vet said he should be showing signs of understanding, which he kinda is. For instance when we open his kennel door he comes bounding out and runs directly over to the door. And when you open the door he knows exactly where he’s going and what he’s doing! So for these new developments I am so excited and thankful.

But I still don’t know what to do to help him not pee during the night or day when we’re gone. I promise you I have read every web page and magazine that could possibly help you potty train your new puppy. I make sure to let him out right when he wakes up and after he eats and plays. I don’t let him drink water after a certain time at night and I always make it home within the same time period for lunch.  He goes as soon as I get home for lunch and before I leave……yet somehow he always manages to pee in his crate. It’s gotten to the point that we don’t even know what to put in there for him to lay on because it won’t make it a day. And we can’t bath him everyday it’s horrible for his little puppy skin, but we can’t very well just let him run around with pee all dried to him. So basically I am asking if any of you have any advice. I know he will get it eventually, but if you know of anything I can be doing better or more often or at all………….PLEASE, PLEASE share it with me. 

Pictures to come later today to show you how much he has grown!


2 Responses to “Potty training….or not”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Keep hangin in there!! It’s a lot harder with the second one, I think. Or maybe just with males!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Maggie and Jonah were so easy but Tina is awful. She seems to “get it” too, she gets a biscuit every time she pees outside and we make a huge deal of it and tell her how good she is. But she still goes inside sometimes no matter how often we let her out! It is very frustrating. I’m sure Plato will catch on soon (and Tina hopefully). 🙂

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