This is me

I read this blog by a fellow hometown gal. The Adventures of a SAHM. It’s a wonderful blog, filled with humor. (WARNING, she is very opinionated and could care less if you like her or not, which is why I like her!!!) Anyways….she encouraged others to post some strange or unknown things about themselves after sharing her own strange and unknowns. So here it goes…some of it’s not really that strange, but enjoy.

1. I do not, will not eat English peas!!!! They are gross to me and I absolutely hate them. As a child I would make my mom make me fried rice without peas……which annoyed her because that meant she had to make two different batches! (Thanks Mom)

2. My parents owned a small restaurant in Mena for almost 20 years. I miss it and in High School would sneak me and my friends in to drink and eat chicken strips! Until one day some idiot stuck their peeled off beer label on the frig…..parents not happy.

3. I am technically an only child even though I consider myself to have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. It’s way to complicated to explain.

4. I also don’t like bananas, which people find weird, because I will eat banana chips! I think it’s the texture.

5. I once had bright blue highlights.

6. In high school I had to wash my face before playing every basketball game. I seriously did, it was part of my routine.

7. I am a horrible speller and also very bad at math.

8. I once won my 5th grade class spelling bee by spelling one word right (which makes #7 funny) because I was the lunch monitor the week of the spelling bee so when everyone else was participating I was in the cafeteria…so I only had one day to participate and I just so happen to get the word right! Sadly I didn’t even make it through the first round of the school spelling bee. 🙂 Good stuff.

9. I prefer my hair short!

10. I once had a 1991 Dodge Shadow convertible with a broken gas gauge and one window that didn’t work……so cool to be sitting on the side of the road because you didn’t know you were almost out of gas AND with the top down and one window up!

11. And lastly, even though my parents owned a restaurant, which I worked in for a long time, I can’t cook Thai food. I know people are always disappointed. I guess I just wasn’t paying any attention!

So have some fun today and share something we don’t know about yourself! Have a great day!!!


One Response to “This is me”

  1. Krissi Says:

    First let me say thank you 🙂 My blog is very opinionated and I am glad that you find that to your liking 🙂 2nd I LOVED to eat at your parents place it was THE BOMB… seriously my parents still talk about how much they miss it! 3rd you and I have #7 in common… its awful and I think it has something to do with our Mena Education! LOL

    I think everyone should do a post like this… it was a great idea if I do say so myself!!

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