Changing the bad into good!

I’m sure many of you find yourself in a bad mood from time to time or really irritated with someone or something!!!!!!! Well when I get that way I find that the best way to get out of that bad mood or stop being irritated with that something or someone is to give. Yes, I love to give!!!! I love to give hugs, I love to give smiles and I especially love to give back! Now I don’t always need a bad mood or irritation to make me want to give……actually giving back is a hobby of mine, more so a passion.

When I was 20 (so old I know) I felt like I was going through a really hard time! So I got out of my comfort zone and I did something I would normally would never do I decided to work at a summer camp where I didn’t know a soul who would be working there!!!! And guess what it was the one of the best times of my life!!! I would do it every summer if I could. There were two things I realized when I returned from that adventure that I am very blessed and that because I am very blessed I want to make sure to return those blessings in some form or fashion.

Finally after having said all that…..I have been looking for my next volunteer project and today I was ready Arkansas Business Magazine and they had features of companies and executives, blah, blah, blah that won awards this year. Well one of the features nonprofit companies was the Arkansas Food Bank and I new what I wanted to do!!!!! So I am starting a food drive as well as volunteering at the actual bank! I’m so excited and I hope that I can get as much participation as possible!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. I have many ideas stirring in my head!!!!!!! I look forward to getting to share the future events with you all.

So what makes you happy, how do you give back!? Everybody can give back in their own way, by just doing a kind deed occasionally or getting out of your comfort zone when you see someone in need of a smile or a door held for them. It can be anything! I know we are all in need….I mean I like to blame it on the economy (that’s my joke), sorry I was late for work this morning…..the economy’s got me down! 🙂 But honestly I think about it and if I’m in need, then I know there are others out there in greater need and I’m blessed to have what I have! I have a great boyfriend, wonderful friends, a new nephew on the way, and some fun loving pups! I have a job, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and food eat. I know there are others out there that can’t say the same. So my way of saying thank you to everyone who has made my life as wonderful as it is to give back. I want to help people and I’m so excited about my new endeavors!

Okay enough of that. I’m almost finished planning a fun bachelorette weekend for my friends. We’re going to Eureka Springs!!! I can’t wait. We’re going to the spa and shopping! I do need to decide on where we’re going to eat out for dinner on the big night so if anyone has favorite place or even know of a good place in Eureka please share the wealth. I’ve had a lot of fun making invitations for this and I have been trying to take some pictures of them but I can’t get a good one to save my life. I’ll keep working on it though!

Here are a few

Here are a few

I hope you are all great, can’t wait to hear from you!

And I haven’t posted a Plato picture lately……this little man now weighs 23.8 lbs! Whoa!


Our little boy

Our little boy

Some of you may think that we don’t love our first child Harli, we do! But it’s hard to get a good picture of her. My friend Rachel with Four Legs Photography took some great pictures of her. I’ll find out if her album can still be accessed.

4 Responses to “Changing the bad into good!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Great post Jonnie! Thanks for reminding me that we are all very blessed. Maybe America should have another Thanksgiving in February, or every month! It is easy to forget how lucky we are sometimes. I’m sooooo proud of you for doing this food drive! And the invite looks darling! Thank you so much for organizing and planning that. Love you J-Ho. 🙂

  2. Jamie Says:

    Loved the post Jonnie! I’ve been thinking about you all day. I agree, let’s blame the economy! 🙂 I cannot WAIT til the Bach. party is here. It’s going to be such a fabulous time!!

  3. Jennifer Holland Says:

    I love how you are always so positive! And I think those invitations are adorable!

  4. Alain Says:

    Duh — I’m FROM Eureka..

    Best places to eat:

    swanky, italian, expensive : DeVitos
    cheaper, fun, dress down, burger joint: Sparkys
    cheaper, lots of options, interesting folks: Local Flavor

    place to hang: Tiki Torch (it’s a riot)

    Spa: New Moon in the Crescent or the Basin Park, they have fabulous spa packages.

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