Crazy 8’s

Okay, so I’ve been reading this book from my very dear friend Joe called “How to live your best life now” by Joel Osteen (?). I decided to read it because for the last few months I haven’t exactly been feeling 100% like myself. Okay well if  you haven’t heard of Joel Osteen, he’s a pastor at some huge church in TX. Anyways…..when Joe first gave it to me I thought it was going to be something that I didn’t really care for, but I LOVE it. Why? Because it reincorporates positive thinking for me, which I always think I need to be reminded of, BUT it also tells you about how God wants you to have the best things in life, or basically God wants you to be happy. I like it because it’s not pushy…….it’s just positive. Anyways, I wanted to share something relating to what I read last night.

“When you think positive, excellent thoughts, you will be propelled towards greatness”

Okay my example that I’m about to give you is going to make me sound like a crazy lady. Okay today I was at the bank drive though and I looked around my car and thought of how embarrassed I was at how it’s ALWAYS dirty! And worse the bank guy can see every single thing!!! Horrible. So I thought to myself, “When I get a new car, I’ll take better care of it”. Well it make me think of some of the issues that my book talks about. I will only get better things out of my life if I change my thinking NOW,  not when things get “better”. Why? Because they won’t get better unless I think better of them (or myself or situation). So I decided I was thankful for even having a car and that I would appreciate and cherish it and treat it like it was brand new. So today when I get off work I plan on cleaning it all out and giving it a bath, even if it does rain!

Okay moving on (sorry if that was just completely random, it happens!) Habitat for Humanity finally called back and I get to volunteer with them in March! Very exciting! Also I finally got ALL the bachelorette party invitations mailed out, signed up for my absolute last class, and finally made it to Wal-Mart to buy more candles for the house. Whoa, such impressive things, I know. 🙂

Now I’m going to steal my school friend Caroline’s post and post my list of 8’s (*side note: I love Caroline, she’s a “school” friend, meaning I we had classes together and such. She was always so nice to me and we always shared a laugh or two!) Check out Caroline’s blog….she’s absolutely beautiful and one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met!


My list of 8’s:

8 TV shows I watch:

1. Grey Anatomy, (but I’m with Caroline and the rest of the world….it needs to get better SOON or I’m out)
2. Private Practice (it’s like my new Grey’s)
3. Top Chef (it’s over as of last night and I really want Stefan to win)
4. Jon and Kate plus 8 (I seriously can’t get enough of them. Those kids are adorable!)
5. The Office (Jake and I record this so we can watch them together, I heart Jim and Pam, but it’s Dwight that keeps me coming back!)
6. The Biggest Loser (I know….I blame Michelle, she got me hooked)
7. Hm……..I’m running out of shows. Oh! Geez, I’m super ashamed and embarrassed to say. Toddlers and Tiaras. I orignally watched it to see how crazy the moms were, but now I can’t stop!!!!!! It’s horrible, I know. 
8. And I guess anything on HGTV.

Favorite Restaurants (random order):

1. Whoa….this is already hard and it’s the first one. Okay The Flying Saucer. We eat there sometimes when we have some good beer!
2. HOME! I’ve been trying to eat at home as much as possible! Save money and it’s better for you!
3. Papa Pablono’s (good ole Mena!!)
4. Cruizzer’s (spelling? Also Mena!)
5. Suree’s (long gone, but lucky for me it was my mom’s restaurant so I can still eat some of its goodness)
6. The Italian Couple (Little Rock)
7. FuLin’s (that’s also one of Jake’s favorite places!!)
8. Anywhere with good sushi!

Things that happened to me today:

1. Almost got slammed into by a car that had way too much crap in thier backseat and therefore couldn’t see me!
2. Found Megan’s check for the beach house.
3. My sister just called me complaining about the color of her new phone (yes, amazingly we’re related).
4. Picked up poop on my lunch break (yeah I know, sounds like fun)
5. Went home and make a turkey sandwich and played with puppies
6. Mailed invitation out for bachelorette weekend.
7. Avoided the majority of work I needed to do today……..AND
8. Created a Britney Spears station on pandora!!!!

Things I look forward to:

1. 4:45 pm (when I get off work)
2. Getting a big sponsory for the Our House Dinner on the Grounds event! (I believe if I keep at it, it will happen)
3. Rachel’s wedding
4. My very first nephew!!!!!!
5. Jamie’s wedding
6. Andrea’s very first baby! 
7. ALWAYS I look forward to Christmas! ALWAYS!
8. My own eventual wedding to my very best friend, Anthony Jacob Phillips! (this could be in like 10 years.)
I could honestly go on with this category for a long time!!

Things I wish for:

1. For me to get all my student loans paid off (I wish the same for all my friends!!!)
2. Happiness for the world (that’s my Miss America pagnent answer)
3. A house, one of my very own!! (well I’d share it with Jake of course)
4. To be the best possible person I can be
5. To know what our future holds, meaning to know what’s going to happen with Jake and work, are we moving are we not?
6. For healthy babies in 2009 (Andrea and my sister, and anyone else expecting)
7. A better sense of style!!!!!
8. To be in shape like I was when I was a Junior in HS….this will happen, so I guess I should have put it on my Looking forward too list!

Okay so what’s your List of  8’s. If you post one on your blog, let me know, I’d LOVE to check it out!


2 Responses to “Crazy 8’s”

  1. Krissi Says:

    Ok… you got me… I did my 8’s! Take a look, and thanks for the blogging material… I was running in ‘E’ this morning 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Jennifer Holland Says:

    I’m also a firm believer that you won’t receive more greatness in your life until you’re appreciative for what you already have! Way to go for turning your thinking around. It can be so hard, but it really does make a difference!

    I will try the 8’s if I have a chance this weekend! 🙂

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