My dear friend Rachel left me a comment today that said, “Are you ever going to write another post?” Yes Rachel, I will write one today just for you. I haven’t felt like writing lately. Maybe I’ve just felt really overwhelmed or it could be that I wasn’t feeling creative. Who knows!!!!

Sunday Jake and I went to the races. It was my first time ever and it was really fun to go with him! He told me how to bet and then we would sit there and talk about our picks and why we wanted to pick them. I usually picked based on their name or the name of their jockey. (I know…great way to win money).  We ate Reuben’s and had a blast. It was tons of fun and I can’t wait to go back. I also managed to win $12. (I’m rich I tell ya.) We left early though cause we missed our puppies and had tons to do that day, but we saw that towards the end one of the last races there was a horse named Jake the Snake!!!! Loved it.


Jake has an interview on Friday in New Orleans. Please think about him and send him good vibes. He is probably a great interviewee but I always want him to do well.

I FINALLY got all the baby shower invitations mailed out for my sister’s baby shower…..thank goodness. I thought I was going to go crazy trying to get that all done! But now I can’t wait to see all the great presents my new nephew will get, if only they would give him a name. Speaking of babies, I feel like tons of people I know are pregnant right now. I guess this is a sign of me growing up. I’m excited about all the new babies, cause I love kids, so this means there will be many for me to play with. 

Well I know it wasn’t anything special, but at least it was a post…..finally. I promise to do better! Talk to you soon!


3 Responses to “AWOL”

  1. Jamie Gray Says:

    It was a fabulous post! Funny that there was a horse named Jake the Snake! I also bet on horses for those reasons. But hey, one time it won me $7.00! Woohoo!

  2. Rachel Says:

    A horse name Jake the Snake?! That is so cool. Thanks for writing a new post Jonnie!

  3. Holli Plunkett Says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to the horse races! But I’m sure with my luck I would lose that $12 that you won!

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