Hello! I am asking all my readers for HELP! Why? Cause I can’t cook and I know some of you can. Which means you have an arsenal of recipes just hanging around. I need appetizer recipes or finger food recipes for my sister’s baby shower this weekend. (Saturday). I want to make tons of goodies to ensure we have plenty of snacks, but honestly I don’t know that many appetizer recipes, at least not ones that aren’t good for watching a sporting event!!!!!!!!!! (those kind of appetizers I can do). So if any of you have any recipes please link me to them or send them my way! I would REALLY appreciate it. The only thing I know I will be making for sure is spinach dip. I want to make baked brie, but I’ve never done it. I googled some stuff, but I would rather hear from you who have actually made and/or tasted the recipes you will link/send to me.

I hope you are all doing wonderful and thanks for all your help. Hopefully I’ll get a few today and tomorrow cause Thursday I will be testing the waters on my girlst night and seeing what they think. I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!


2 Responses to “HELP!!!!”

  1. Jamie Gray Says:

    I would love to help you but you know that I can’t cook either!!!

  2. Jennifer Holland Says:

    I have a super duper stuffed mushroom recipe from my Skinny Bitch book that I will post on my blog for you! I will do that today, so you have it! It’s pretty easy, and I don’t think there are any fancy ingredients. And they are always eaten up first at our parties!

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