Shout Out!!!!!!

Well today is Shout Out Wednesday and I didn’t even have to think about what it would be about!

Today’s shout out goes out to my hometown, Mena! For those of you have never been, it’s wonderful and I’m sad you didn’t grow up there. Small? Yes. Can’t go somewhere without seeing 5 or more people you know? Yes. A wonderful place to call home? Yes.

Now I can say that I don’t plan on moving back to Mena anything soon, but no matter where my current physical home is located, Mena will ALWAYS be my HOME!

Here are some of the things I think make Mena great!

  1. Back in HS you could go to Subway and get a discount on game days! Thanks Mrs. Stanley.
  2. We have a Cruizzer’s. What’s a Cruizzer’s you say? Only the best drive in ever.
  3. How many town build a new Super Wal-Mart across from the old regular Wal-Mart.
  4. Do you have a place called Thrill Hill in your town?
  5. There are plenty of “water holes” to occupy someone for the summer.
  6. Our school colors are red and black, which also have to be my two favorite colors.
  7. We have a very an abundance of banks and churches for such a small town.
  8. It’s nice to come from a place where you know  most the town (this doesn’t hold true for me necessarily now, but it did once upon a time).

There are many many many many more reason that I love this town I call home. Not only are there great people that come from and still live in it, but it’s a beautiful place. And with the recent tragedies I hope you will all keep this wonderful town in your prayers.

Oh, also, how many of you have a French teacher that was extremely concerned with your well being, enough so that she would have hallway talks with you? OR did you have a principal called Mr. G? Whom I would occasionally try to call G-Dog. Wasn’t always a winner.

So here’s to you Mena, Arkansas, best little town in the world. Thank you for being my home. Cheers!



3 Responses to “Shout Out!!!!!!”

  1. Jamie Gray Says:

    I never thought I’d say it, but Mena rocks!

  2. Jennifer Holland Says:

    Go Bearcats! 🙂

  3. somecallmekropp Says:

    Ah, I’m kind of a fan of Mena, too. I have this old Mena Ladycats sweatshirt I got from a garage sale. I wear it all the time. Makes me feel close. Reading your blog makes me feel close to. Keep it up!

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