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This is me


I read this blog by a fellow hometown gal. The Adventures of a SAHM. It’s a wonderful blog, filled with humor. (WARNING, she is very opinionated and could care less if you like her or not, which is why I like her!!!) Anyways….she encouraged others to post some strange or unknown things about themselves after sharing her own strange and unknowns. So here it goes…some of it’s not really that strange, but enjoy.

1. I do not, will not eat English peas!!!! They are gross to me and I absolutely hate them. As a child I would make my mom make me fried rice without peas……which annoyed her because that meant she had to make two different batches! (Thanks Mom)

2. My parents owned a small restaurant in Mena for almost 20 years. I miss it and in High School would sneak me and my friends in to drink and eat chicken strips! Until one day some idiot stuck their peeled off beer label on the frig…..parents not happy.

3. I am technically an only child even though I consider myself to have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. It’s way to complicated to explain.

4. I also don’t like bananas, which people find weird, because I will eat banana chips! I think it’s the texture.

5. I once had bright blue highlights.

6. In high school I had to wash my face before playing every basketball game. I seriously did, it was part of my routine.

7. I am a horrible speller and also very bad at math.

8. I once won my 5th grade class spelling bee by spelling one word right (which makes #7 funny) because I was the lunch monitor the week of the spelling bee so when everyone else was participating I was in the cafeteria…so I only had one day to participate and I just so happen to get the word right! Sadly I didn’t even make it through the first round of the school spelling bee. ūüôā Good stuff.

9. I prefer my hair short!

10. I once had a 1991¬†Dodge Shadow convertible with a broken gas gauge and one window that didn’t work……so cool to be sitting on the side of the road because you didn’t know you were almost out of gas AND with the top down and one window up!

11. And lastly, even though my parents owned a restaurant, which I worked in for a long time, I can’t cook Thai food. I know people are always disappointed. I guess I just wasn’t paying any attention!

So have some fun today and share something we don’t know about yourself! Have a great day!!!


I’m so thankful for……


Life! I woke up today feeling like I was on top of the world!!! And as I’m winding down tonight, I think about so many things that have happened in my day and I am thankful! I meet with my “little” today for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and I’m thankful for the opportunity to give back to this little girl in a positive way, the same way many people gave to me!!! I read this blog about a baby girl named Harper and I see the outpouring of love and hope and encouragement for her and her family from friends, family, and complete strangers and I’m thankful this world still has those kind of people in it. I’m also thankful for the amazing faith in God that her parents show! I talked to my friend Jamie today and she told me about¬†her ¬†future plans and goals and¬†how she is going to achieve them, and I’m thankful that I’m blessed with such a wonderful, motivated best friend. I called my sister today and asked how the baby was growing and I’m thankful that some wonderful little boy will get to have the greatest mom EVER! I asked my dad today what color he painted the somewhat expensive birdhouse I bought him for Christmas and when he told me the many colors I laughed and I’m thankful that I have such a funny man for a father!!! I talked to my friend Andrea today who found out this weekend she is having a little girl and I’m thankful¬†that I will be able to buy little boys clothes AND little girls clothes. I’m currently sitting on my couch¬†listening to my dogs play and watching HGTV and I’m thankful that I have a house, a warm bed and my wonderful boyfriend working in home office.

I am thankful that everything don’t¬†always go my way, that sometimes the lights¬†always turn red when I get there, that¬†¬†I sometimes spill my breakfast on me in the car while I’m rushing to work, that for some reason our new puppy can’t play with his toys unless you’re playing with them too, and I’m thankful that I have people who actually read this blog………

I’m thankful for the opportunity to BE thankful! I sometimes forget how blessed I am to be surrounded on a daily basis by such amazing things, people and moments that I encounter. I’m thankful that I have someone to thank for my life!!! I think you get the point. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately and today I woke up remember what it was like to feel that again and I’m thankful.

I hope you can stop from time to time and remember while your thankful, you’ll enjoy it, I promise.



Long overdue…..a vacation


First I want to start by asking you all to visit this blog and pray for this sweet family and their little girl. They need your prayers and their faith and story is very touching.

Okay, now onward. I have to say I’ve become addicted to reading people’s blogs. My friends, strangers, random people I know….they’re all great!!! Which makes me think of how freaking boring mine are! I mean honestly, mine aren’t funny, they don’t teach you anything or show off my trade (you wouldn’t want to see it). Nothing…my blog offers you me, whatever mood that may be. So this is just a note to self and to you, I will try to be more entertaining!! Please bare with me as that might be a while.

My boyfriend, Jake, is a wonderful man who also happens to be very busy around this time of year. Why? Because he is an accountant….correction an auditor. Which means that he is in what they call “busy” season. Busy season breaks down like this, boyfriend works entirely too much and too late so you sit at home bored but can usually get a lot done, on days when there isn’t too much to do you’re just bored, you have plenty of time to be alone or spend time with your girlfriends, but basically you’re single for about 3 months AND the best part is that after busy season we usually get to go on some fun vacation!!

Our latest vacation which was in May was spent at¬†a place close to my home of Mena. Yes we were in the big, huge town of Glenwood! Whoa, exciting vacation I know. But the thing is that it was exciting. We rented a cabin which was really nice, it had a dipping pool and big deck. We cooked some great meals and watched some horrible movies. And best of all we went canoing on the one day it decided to rain like crazy!! SWEET! So we bought some poncho’s at the Dollar store and had to literally convince the man to let us canoe since the water had risen 2 feet above it’s normal level. The man running the place asked if we were experienced. So finally he’s convinced and shuttles us to where we are going to put in….I have to tell you once I saw how fast the water was running compared to a normal canoe trip, I almost backed out, but nope in we went. So since we were the ONLY people on the river that day we had the whole thing to ourselves and we had a blast!!! The few people hanging out on their porches that day thought we were probably the craziest people around. Nope, we just like an adventure. So, here are some pictures of our vacation adventure. I hope you enjoy!


New Year Resolutions


I think that writing things down make them more real, more meaningful and more tangible. So I am here to present you with 2009 New Year Resolutions…dandt dandt dana da. Impressive I know. So without further ado and in no particular order here we go:

1. Blog more (which I am doing are you can see)
2. Be healthier and I mean this in a complete sense, metally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
3. Be more ambitious
4. Try to work out at least twice a month in the morning ( I mean I used to be able to get up at 5:45 AM or 6:00 AM 5 days a week)
5. Take it back to the old days ( I realize that this is vague, but I will give you insight. Send letters and cards, write thank you notes, etc.)
6. Worry more about me so that I can eventually worry more about others
7. Volunteer more ( I have an interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters on the 20th)
8. Take more pictures ( I only this one life on this earth, might as well document it.
9. Read more
10. Take the steps to accomplish my goals ( because they won ‘t get accomplished on their own!)

So there you have it. Very exciting I know!! So let me end it with a few photos, some which are long overdue and some which are brand new. More pictures to come.


Fall is in the Air


Or like my friend Jamie likes to say, “Christmas is almost here!” Which it is! I’m very excited! Well I’ve kinda slacked this week with working out and it’s only going to get harder for me to keep it up. I have 2 classes to maintain and shortly I will be starting a part-time job at William Sonoma. I’m super excited about the extra money and all the good Christmas gift everyone will be getting, but not excited about how I’m going to work a gym workout in.

I’m really missing Fayetteville lately, or I guess just my friends! Maybe both! But change is coming soon for Jake and I and I’m ready for it!

Plan on working out today at the “Glovin up” class. I really enjoy it, although we have a new teacher, not sure what happened to the old one. But I like the new one, last week though I could barely move the next day! Such a great feeling! I hope everyone is doing great!!!

5 lbs!!!


So since I missed my normal weigh in day yesterday, I weighed in today! And I have offically lost 5 lbs since I started working out on August 6. It doesn’t sound like alot and I would love for it to be more, but I’ll take it and I’ll keep working!!!! The hardest part for me isn’t work out, it’s eating right!! I just need to learn to not over endulge for one and to try and make the healthier choice, I know it won’t always happen, but I should still try! Hope you have a good weekend!

Living in Little Rock


Hey ladies!!! I decided I would start blogging, well actually Rachel suggested it and I thought it was a good idea. Forgive me for spelling words wrong, as you all know I can’t spell at all. I am loving living with Jake!!! He is so sweet to me. I just love him so much. I am very discouraged about the job hunting but I am going to keep trying. I currently work at Miss Selma’s. I have four year olds, who are a handfull. I will have to take a pic of my kids and post it. Well, I have many things to do, but this I think will be a great way to keep everyone up to date with my life!!! I love you and miss you all like crazy!